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Eima Show

An event dedicated to
mechanization field trials
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Eima Show India

Punjab, 20 may 2015

Eima Show India - evento

The Event

The Eima Show India demonstrations – completing the third edition of the event providing the opportunity to witness and try out machinery and equipment for viticulture and horticulture – were planned as a dynamic review completamentary to the Eima Agrimach India exhibition scheduled for a run in New Delhi from December 3rd to the 5th 2015.

The Exhibitors
Eima Show India - mercato

A market in steady growth

India’s institutional representatives are promoting agricultual policies aimed at food security for the country under the hallmark of increasing varities and the quality of products and improving the quality of life in rural communities. With some 600,000 tractors registered annually, India is confirmed as one of the world’s leading agro-mechanical markets which is steadily growing.

Eima Agrimach India

Eima Show Piacenza

Piacenza, 3-4 july 2015

Eima Show Piacenza - evento

The event

Eima Show for Expo 2015, dedicated to machinery and equipment for viticulture, is organized for the Milan Universal Exposition and for the participation of a large number of delegations from abroad to include BtoB meetings with the companies taking part.

The Exhibitors
Eima Show Piacenza - azienda

The host

La Camina, founded by the Bargazzi family in the 1950s, is a viticulture enterprise located in the Val d’Arda hills in the vicinity of Piacenza. These lands are especially suitable for the cultivation of Barbera and Bonarda grapes, which together are used for the production of Gutturnio red wine, and Ortrugo and Malvasia grapes for white wine which is also ideal for other gastronomic dishes. 

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Eima Show

Eima Show

The purpose of the EIMA Show is to allow an audience of farmers, contractors and business people to watch various mechanical engineering solutions on the market to verify the efficiency and functional features of these machines.