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The Casalina Farm

The Casalina farm is the property of the Agraria Foundation Institution located in Perugia created in 1892 for the administration and conservation of the monumental heritage on the land of the Benedettina Cassinese Community in Perugia. The land extends to a total of 1,860 hectares with 1,450 UAA spreading from the communities of Marsciano, Deruta and Collazzone and divided into four plots, Casalina, Le Masse, Badiola and Sant’Apollinare.

The Casalina plain terrain runs along the Tiber river bed on an area of 500 hectares with cultivations of cereals, vegetables, pod plants, grain crops and maize plus 55 ha of vineyards and 50 ha of olive groves on the hill sides. Livestock operations are conducted with the raising of the Holstein Fresian breed of dairy cattle.

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