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Eima Show

An event dedicated to
mechanization field trials
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Eima Show Umbria 2017

Casalina di Deruta, 28-29 July 2017

Technology and innovation are the leading players in the EIMA Show Umbria, an event dedicated field trials of precision agriculture machinery and equipment organized by FederUnacoma along with the Coldiretti Umbria, the UmbriaFiere, University of Perugia, the Agraria Foundation Institution, Cesar, Consorzio Agrario dell’Umbria and Dipartimento di scienze agrarie alimentari ambientali Perugia.

This is an important occasion for witnessing in action the most advanced mechanical solutions -- soil preparation, seeding, fertilization, irrigation, haymaking - for improving farm productivity, achieving high quality standards for products, optimizing production costs and reducing impact on the environment.

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The Exhibitors