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Eima Show

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Eima Show Umbria

Casalina (PG), July 13–15 2018

Eima Show Umbria - The Days

The Days

The second edition of EIMA Umbria Show, the event showcasing machinery and equipment for precision agriculture, was held in Central Italy again. Three days of field tests of state-of-the-art technologies for soil preparation, seeding, fertilization, irrigation, treatments and haymaking. The event was organized by FederUnacoma together with Coldiretti Umbria, the UmbriaFiere, University of Perugia, the Agraria Foundation Institution and Cesar. In Casalina the most advanced electronics was applied to agricultural machinery, to guarantee higher productivity, an improved use of resources, safety for operators and respect for the environment, for the development of a 4.0 Agriculture.

Eima Show Umbria - The Territory

The Territory

For the second time the event was hosted by the Casalina farm - property of the Foundation for Agrarian Education in Perugia - which is spread over a territory of 1,860 km of land, in the municipalities of Marsciano, Deruta e Collazzone. The Umbria Region is a territory rich in evocative landscapes and culture, ancient villages and traditional techniques. It is possible to visit some of the locations symbols of the regions, such as Assisi, Perugia, Spoleto and Todi, that are only a short distance from the venue of the event.

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